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alice le ster

Alice Le Ster has embarked on a journey that transcends fashion's boundaries to explore profound societal narratives linked to the condition of the woman and the pain surrounding it. This garment presented above serves as a poignant statement, unapologetically challenging the entrenched taboos that revolve around pregnancy-related topics.

The designer's mission extends far beyond aesthetics, she set out to weave this garment in collaboration with MAISON ALAÏA that both honours the strength of women who have journeyed through life-altering childbirth experiences and shatters conventional notions of beauty and body image. The meticulously placed stitches evoke the delicate threads of Caesarean section scars, a powerful reminder of the journeys that women could decide to embark on in their lifetime. 

Through this innovative design, Alice sparks a profound dialogue, inviting society to confront the raw realities of childbirth and pain and it becomes a canvas for conversations that have long been relegated to the shadows, allowing for a much-needed spotlight on the untold stories of strength and vulnerability of motherhood.

By breaking through the barriers of taboo, she redefines fashion as a conduit for empathy and empowerment and in her pursuit to bridge the gap between fashion and emotion, she demonstrates that knitwear can be more than just garments – it can be a vehicle for change, an agent of progress, and an invite for dialogue.

Here the stories of women are no longer silenced but celebrated. 



HMUA: @plsticdoll

MODEL: ANNA TONAYDIN @nanavalentie

In collaboration with MAISON ALAÏA

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