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dance divine


Feel free to dance hard. This is what you find written on the bio of Slowcoma

And this is what they make us do. For their 5th anniversary we had the pleasure to interview Dance Divine, a transmedia producer from outer space. Oh my god, it's divine! ​

Preferred pronouns they/them. 


Preferred name and favourite number.

  • Diana / number 3.

Where do you find the courage to be who you are and to remain truthful to yourself?

  • Into making sense of the void and surrendering it with tools of esoterica. Being weird and magic at the same, unconditional, time is cute.

If you were a pair of glasses, what eyes would you like to see through you?

  • I think I would really like to be Nina Simones glasses and see the world though her unique madness and revolt. 

I can't really stand repetitive sounds and lights, so, clubbing for me means a very much likely brakdown BUT I've tried several time since I'm very fascinated by the community and the energy on the dancefloor. I've always had the luck to see amazing situations where everyone seemed so connected. Can we see a change into a more whole-perspective reality trough music? Is clubbing still a political act?

  • Fighting for  joy is an evergrowing act of resistance, and joy is contagious cause its fucking vibrating frequencies that attract like a magnet! Taking care of one another at the rave is what makes the place safe and hopefully fun to spread all the magnetic bodies on the dancefloor!

Have you ever had a moment when you felt the most connected with the crowd? Where? Could you describe it?

  • This year 2022 particularly Bratislava, Paris, Luxembourg  and Tokyo were the climaxing ones! 

To be soft is to be powerful. Do you agree? Is vulnerability the new strenght? How can you use it for good?

  • Vulnerability is art- to the extend of being fragile. To make use of our emotional realm, and to reconstruct with willpower and courage through and with it. It becomes chosen identities. It's very powerful I think because it most of the time vanishes the possibility for egotrippin violence.

What drives you and what stops you?

  • Driven by chaos and stopped by patriarchat haha! I just really love genuine listeners and caretakers - good and large stages with loads of queer people aswell meanwhile I get turned down by crying cis people  - oh and running after people who want to collaborate once we agree on it - thats something I just don't get. 

What does it mean divine for you?

  • It's very linked to pleasure, the void, the voice and its thermodynamism. And somewhat of unconditionnal self-care.

How does your creative process work? Is it more natural and adaptive or logical and structured?

  • It grows in cycles of devotion. Venus in Pisces here! Creating audio or/and visual content then Stagging it in various experimental sets. I call my work transmedia because ultimately it builds content for different chosen identities. 
    It builds strength alla fine del inizio - l'amore! 

Try to explain your music to someone who doesn't know anything about music in less than 10 words.

  • The music I produce both guides to various dimensions and much as it pushes to 

What values do you want to convey while you perform?

  • Protect your inner child and spread the message that vibrates the best in you - or ask Siri. 

Dream collab.?

  • Most of the collabs I made were a dream materialized. Looking forward to the upcoming ones! 

What makes you happy?

  • Astrology- Trance- Mantras and Raves.

What are your top 3 tracks at the moment?

  • Green Tara Mantra - Om Tare

  • Madonna - Ray of Light 

  • Michel Ange - MetaCortex 1999

Give us your best advice.

  • Do things seriously without taking yourself too seriously!

Photographer: Marco Guastella

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