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heart tattoo


Be careful and be prepared to be submerged in Love. Livia Rita (they/she) is the sublime guardian of the magic spell behind “Heart Tattoo”, newly released track from the Fuga Futura concept album which will be out the 7th of October.

Working at the intersection of pop culture, music, visual art and fashion, they explore the oscillating relationship between gender, body and nature, ultimately questioning how our sense of identity is subject to flux and experimentation.

Nature is central to Livia Rita’s craft: her relationship to it is one grounded in curiosity and speculative care. By engaging with both utopian and dystopian visions, Livia Rita nurtures the weird – the otherworldly – in all of us. In her practice, she pursues deeper climate awareness by placing emphasis on otherness, highlighting the strange beauty of the other-than-human.

With eclectic, playful and saccharine lyrics, they create art that aims to produce a sense of wonder by combining the natural world with cultural symbols through technology and pop culture. Ever heard of Eco-pop magic? Well, you will now.

Listen to the song:


We are in a time of monumental change. We need to tell stories that are about what's really going on and not so much what's already being reported. For Livia Rita, the awakening of hypothetical worlds is a prescient vehicle for sociopolitical change. In their practice, she pursues deeper climate awareness and explores new forms of otherness through the formation of expansive, experiential, immersive worlds and new identities. With their processual, collaborative approach, she creates interactive, dialogic exhibition formats and multi-sensory experiences, evoking futuristic scenarios and music that invites a hybrid world to listen closely. In this period, with climate crisis and the destruction of eco-spheres and all other forms of life, we must find ways to share love with the rest of creation rather than just ourselves.

Together with the Avantgardeners Collective, Livia Rita is manifesting her transdimensional dream of the future. Her aim is to create a new environment for all the beings mired in the inertia of quotidian life and Heart Tattoo invites you to share a kiss with another being. Love gathers meaning. Love is creatural. Love is sinuous. Love is needed.


Heart Tattoo ArtFashion look photos
Photographer: Roxy Hervé -

and Simon Habegger -
ArtFashion by Livia Rita -

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