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By Photographer Sophie Webster & Stylist Jonni Boi.

“Mythos is inspired by Greek Mythology and the stories behind the infamous Gods and Goddesses. We took these early visual and thematic references and interwove them with our own personal connections with mythology and legend today.

In order to create a story original to our shared creative visions and contexts, we merged this world with elements of underground queer club and ballroom culture. Drawing references from the Classical and Byzantine Periods, Disco, Drag and more, to afford the shoot a contemporary take on Mythology and the world of Mythos.”



Photographer – Sophie Webster (She/Her) - @sophwebstrr

Stylist – Jonni Boi (He/Him) - @jonni_boi_

MUA 1 – Sophie Yeff – (She/Her) @sophieyeffmakeup

MUA 2 – Sabika Zahra Asif (She/Her) - @sab.i.ka

MUA 3 – Connor McSweeny (He/Him) - @connnmua

Hair – Eduardo Nevs – (He/Him) - @hairbyeduardoneves

Set Designer – Ellie Beale (She/Her) - @elliebbeale

Styling Assistant – @lou.vw (She/Her) - @lou.vw
Film Lab – Chan Photographic - @chan.photographic




George (He/Him) (Crumb Agency) -

Yasmine (She/Her) (Crumb Agency) - @yasmine_akim

Jadyn (He/Him) - @jadyn_briggs
Hugo (Hugo) - @hugo.s.santos
Som (He/Him) - @somriddho
Sabine Khabiri (She/Her) - @sabinekhabiri

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